or 11th and Droppers Frontrunner on Nervous System

Jan. 10-16

For 11th & Droppers Muscular System Frontrunner on different Portals

Jan 03-09

For 11th & Droppers SEB based Frontrunner on mendel.in

Jan 2022 02

For 12th and Droppers In-APP- DPT & Frontrunner

Dec. 26-31

For 11th and Droppers Safe Exam browser only

Dec. 19

Respiratory System Multiple Test on Different Platforms

Dec 06-13

Molecular Biology Offline For 12th and Droppers : 0731.in

Dec. 08

Term-1(2nd Round) For 12th and Droppers

Dec. 09-15

Happy Diwali मेहनत है तो मुमकिन है

2021 Nov.

For 12th & Droppers Term-1

Oct.2021 This Week

For 12 th and Droppers Term-1 Cont.Chapter 1 & 2

Oct. 11

Term-1 for 11th and Droppers

-Nov. Oct-

Term -1 for 12th and Droppers During Live Session

Oct 1-30

For 12th and Droppers During Live Session

Oct. 04 Sept. 27

For 11th and Droppers During Live Session

Sept.- Oct. 27 - 04

For 11th and Droppers During Live Sessions

Sept. (In App Only) 21-26

For RNA and Protein Batch During Live Sessions

Sept. 19-26

For DNA & Protein Batch During LIVE Sessions

Sept. 21 19-26

For 12th (Old) and Droppers (Old) Compulsory LIVE Session

August @ 7:40 pm 10

For Droppers New and 11th MENDEL.IN

August ( 1:00pm - During Class) 08